The Prodigal Son


An Illustrated Rowland Sinclair Novella


After publishing seven books in the award-winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, Sulari Gentill wanted to let her readers know how much she appreciates their support. And so, believing that a story is the most valuable thing a writer has to give, Sulari wrote The Prodigal Son – a gift to those readers who have allowed, or might someday allow, Rowland Sinclair and his disreputable entourage into their imaginations.



This e-book is compatible on all computers and devices, and is printer friendly.



A note from the author, Sulari Gentill

"This novella is written as a gift for fans of the Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, and anyone else who cares to read it. Set in 1928 it covers the period when Rowland Sinclair first returned to Sydney and met his louche entourage. It's illustrated because writing it made me want to paint!
The free e-book is available from 4 November  2016 – chosen to coincide with the 89th anniversary of the date of the first extract in the novella."